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Do I dare

Disturb the universe?

I'm made up of lovesongs
hi. i'm allison and this is my livejournal. i graduated from ucsb with a major in english. i'm now a grad student at mills college. i'm getting my m.a. in english literature. i also write and illustrate. if you're interesting in seeing any of my artwork, check this out:


i like school.

lj is unfortunately friends only due to life stuff but be sure to comment! i also like friends.

i'm the mod of the (currently defunct) lj community: art_infection.



my future horoscope by gwoman:

When you are older, you will still somehow manage to look as cute and adorable as a five year old. As to your artistic accomplishment, let me put it this way: if we were to take all of the sketch books you will have filled and stack them in neat and orderly piles, they would fill Fort Knox ten times over. At the age of 25 you will have given up on a normal, mundane life and will have gone off to sea as captain of your very on ship (pirate crew not included; some assembly required).

i'm a dork.

just your mom.